Best Egg Boilers in India 2021 Reviews [ January uptaed]

Hello, guys today we are coming with an exciting review on the best egg boiler In India product for the kitchen appliance category, in this review we are giving you a budget range best egg boiler in India 2021 which will not bother your pocket , so without any further delay let’s get started.

best egg boiler in india
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best egg boiler in india

Before heading forward we want to share some x-factors (pieces of information) for the egg boiler so you can easily choose according to your choices-

(1). Mode

(2). Capacity 

(3). Cooking time 

Best our pick Egg Boiler in India 2021

Image Product Feature Price
Best Egg Boilers in India 2021 Reviews [ January uptaed]
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Kent Super Egg Boiler (16069), 400 W, Silver
Designed with a stainless steel body and a flat heating plate, the Super Egg Boiler is durable, won’t rust, and ensures faster boiling. The easy and quick one-touch operation of this appliance helps you boil 6 eggs at a time in just a few minutes. Its 3 boiling modes let you boil the eggs – soft, medium, or hard, according to the choice of every family member. You simply need to add the correct amount of water, eggs, and plug in. The auto power turn-off and over-temperature protection will automatically cut off the power supply once the eggs are done. Check On Amazon
Best Egg Boilers in India 2021 Reviews [ January uptaed]
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Inalsa Chic Instant Egg Boiler
Perfect eggs every time – delicious meals in few minutes with 360w, chic egg boiler just poke a small hole on top of the egg with steel pin to prevent the eggs from cracking and you can Quick and easy healthy meals – with removable egg tray, cook 7 eggs at a time so you can make different kinds of egg salads, classic deviled eggs, egg sandwiches and much more. Not just an egg boiler: Chic is Check On Amazon
Best Egg Boilers in India 2021 Reviews [ January uptaed]
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Goodway Electric Egg Boiler (5 Egg, White Orange)
Power -200 W Multi-Functional Egg Shelf Design Varied Size Of Eggs Can Be Steamed, Automatic Cut – Off Function Check On Amazon

Best Egg Boiler In India 2021 [Updated]

Serial number Best Egg Boilers in India 2021 Capacity Wattage Warranty Buy Now
#1 Kent Electric Egg Boiler 7 360 i Year Check price
#2 Simxen Electric Egg Boiler 7 400 Check Price
#3 Prestige Electric Egg Boiler 7 360 1 Year Check Price
#4 Goodway Electric Egg Boiler5 5 200 6 Months Check Price
#5 PetRice Electric Egg boiler 7 Check Price
#6 CurioCity Electric Egg Boiler 7 350 None Check Price
#7 Saysha Electric Egg Boiler 7 Check Price
#8 Arzet Electric Egg Boiler 7 350 Check Price
#9 Inalsa Electric Egg Boiler 7 360 1 Year Check Price
#10 Getko Electric Egg Boiler 7 None Check Price
#11 Russell Hobbs Fully Automatic Egg Cooker  6 300 Check Price
best egg boilers in India

Best Egg Boiler In India 2021 Reviews

(1). Kent Egg Boiler

Kent Instant Egg Boiler
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Kent Instant Egg Boiler

Firstly in our list is kent instant egg boiler, as you all know kent is a very high reputed company and working since 1999, and we always see an advertisement of Kent RO so, with the same satisfactions and services kent has already come with kent egg boiler with surely will reliable to you and your pocket as well

If you are unmarried or living separately from your house and so this could be your best choice for boiling 7 eggs at the same time.

Even you can choose or select the mode it comes with 3 modes of power like soft mode you can say in this mode egg boil with firmly and take much time and the second mod is medium in this mode egg boils with much better speed and boils in average speed according to the mode and the third one is the hard mode in which egg boils in just a few minutes.

The activity of this gadget is as basic as the gadget itself. You would essentially add the fitting measure of water in the estimating container. The measure of water needed to be set for every one of the settings is referenced on the container. Spot the entirety of the eggs in their assigned spaces. Presently close the top and switch on the heater and it consequently kills when the eggs are bubbled. The straightforward top encourages you take a gander at the eggs as they get bubbled. The little pin present at the estimating cup’s base aides in breaking the egg after it is bubbled. Punch a little hole on top of the egg prior to bubbling for simple outcomes.

The body of the kettle is made out of top notch treated steel and chips away at about only 330 watts of intensity. However, there are occasions where the lower part of the heater turns into a little corroded after some time. Likewise, the cleaning of this kettle is somewhat dubious. Be that as it may, as the gadget accompanies 1 year guarantee, these can be ignored.


  • Simple to use with simply click a switch
  • Requires less water for heating
  • Cooks 7 eggs in only 3 minutes
  • Automatic cut out
  • Overheating prevention
  • 1 Year guarantee


  • Cleaning up the vessel is a bit tricky

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(2). Simxen Egg Boiler Electric

Simxen Egg Boiler Electric
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Simxen Egg Boiler Electric

The SimXen Egg Evaporator with an Electric Programmed off switch can bubble upto 7 eggs in a solitary go. Planned like the Jannat electric egg kettle, the Simxen electric egg evaporator remains all alone with its extraordinary client support and toughness. 

Ideal for kitchen lovers and single guys, this heater makes it too simple to even think about boiling and cook eggs. The placeholder plate, which can hold up to 7 eggs, can be taken out and a little bowl can be set to poach eggs as well. 

The bubbling/poaching measure is straightforward simply like the entirety of its partners. You place the eggs in the egg holder, pour some water utilizing the estimating cup and afterward close the top to turn it on. The gadget consequently kills when the eggs are prepared. You can see as the eggs get bubbled through the straightforward yet solid cover. For best outcomes on hard bubbled, consistently attempt and jab the egg to make a minor opening toward one side. The estimating cup that accompanies the kettle will assist you with doing that. 

Aside from just cooking or steaming of eggs, you can even utilize this to make some extraordinary DIY egg plans. Helpful for unhitched males or understudies who live in Inns. You can even pick this great item as a present for your companions or friends and family. 

This heater works at a 400 watt power limit and accompanies a large portion of a meter long wire. Twofold warm security present in the gadget makes it more secure for activity.


  • Robust design
  • 7 Eggs cooked in a single go
  • Takes about 10 minutes to cook
  • Automatic turn off when boiled


  • Some of the time may not straightforwardly start. Needs some an ideal opportunity to begin tasks.

(3). Prestige Electric Egg Boiler

Prestige Electric Egg Boiler
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Prestige Electric Egg Boiler

Prestige is a well-known brand in India. Their kitchen apparatuses are of predominant construction that stands the trial of time. The Best egg boiler from Prestige displays a similar quality, toughness, and execution as appeared by all different results of this brand.

It can bubble up to 7 eggs all at once, which is an ideal amount for a family comprising of 3 to 5 people. Likewise, office goers, lone rangers, and rec center regulars will discover this egg cooker helpful as it can make hard-bubbled eggs in under 10 minutes.

The top of this egg boiler is made of plastic that permits you to see the eggs while cooking. Its hardened steel body with guarantees toughness. The estimating cup of this cooker is basic to its working as it has the correct markings for the amount of water expected to cook the eggs to the correct consistency.

It accompanies three settings for consistency, i.e., hard, medium, and delicate. To get the surface right, simply measure out the necessary measure of water and empty it into the container. Spot the eggs in the openings, close the top and plug it in. Sit tight for a couple of moments till the machine consequently turns itself off after the eggs are cooked.

Remember to puncture the egg on the wide side before you place it the opening. This is a significant advance that guarantees that the eggs don’t break while cooking. To know the specific amount of water, do allude to the manual.

The prestige egg boiler has a one-contact activity and is overly basic and simple to utilize. Yet, you need to put it close to a force attachment as its line is short. The warranty of this egg boiler product is 1 year. Thus, in the event that anything turns out badly, you can undoubtedly sort it out without going through additional cash.


  • Basic one-contact activity
  • Sturdy hardened steel body
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Programmed turn off


  • Power Cable is not well lengthy

(4).Goodway Electric Egg Boiler

Goodway Electric Egg Boiler
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Goodway Electric Egg Boiler

A straightforward and charming Best egg boiler which makes heating up an egg conceivable at any spot and any time. With the goodway electric egg boiler, you can bubble 5 eggs in a solitary go in 7-8 minutes of time.

This is an ideal pick for individuals who are consistently moving, bachelors,and wellness devotee who need a fast scratch of every day nourishment.

Goodway egg boiler’s minimized size makes it simpler to store it away when not being used and devours so little space for activity as well. Besides, it uses almost no water (25 ml approx) to cook eggs with the steam created by that water. The clear top cover gives a smoggy look and feel to the general boiler body.

All you require to do to utilize this basic gadget is take the estimating cup and fill around 25 ml of water. Empty the water into the boiler base and punch a little hole on the highest point of eggs (in case you’re searching for hard bubbled). Presently place the eggs in their place holders and close the top. Switch on the gadget and it naturally kills when the eggs are bubbled. The estimating cup which accompanies the boiler has brief pin to its base and should be utilized to break the egg after it is bubbled.

The gadget devours an intensity of around 200 watts and to cook 5 eggs, you would spend at any rate 10 paise. This makes this egg boiler staggeringly financial and easy to utilize. Moreover, the base of the body is made out of treated steel. Thus it is tough as well.

Throughout the course of time, there is a likelihood that the boiler may spill from the base. Ensure that you check the item by utilizing once conveyed. For any disparities, there exists a multi month guarantee period which you can benefit.


  • Reduced and adorable design
  • Less water to cook
  • Lightweight product
  • Takes less power consuption


  • takes a little bit time extra for boiling the eggs
  • Leakage problem occurs most of the times

(5). PetRice Electric Egg Boiler

PetRice Electric Egg Boiler
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PetRice Electric Egg Boiler

I love this one. It is all I ever required on the off chance that I were an undergrad. The Petrice 2 out of 1 Multifunction can bubble eggs, however can poach eggs as well. Aside from that it tends to be utilized for a wide scope of little and simple plans.

This is an outright enjoyment and lifeline for each single guy, explorers and undergrads. A solitary gadget that will guarantee that you get all the supplements and taste that you require and merit. Moreover, it doesn’t burn-through a great deal of energy to work.

With its body made out of plastic, the cooking base of this liner is non stick. Thus it is ideal for a little omelet when you are in the disposition for. For its essential use, the liner bubbles around 7 eggs in less than 8 minutes.

Cooking of the eggs is same as the entirety of the boilers referenced in this rundown. Measure the water utilizing the estimating cup, place the eggs on the placeholders, close the cover and switch it on. It consequently kills when the eggs are bubbled. You can look as the eggs are bubbled or poached through the straightforward cover.

For cooking an omelet, break the egg into the holder. Blend it in with a blender and close the cover. Switch it on and it kills as the omelet prepares.


  • Multi-purpose usable design
  • Can make eggs, poach eggs and omelets also
  • Easy to handle
  • Low consumption product
  • Easy to clean product


  • Cheap quality of material used
  • Can improve upon the quality of wiring as well.

(6). CurioCity Electric Egg Boiler

CurioCity Electric Egg Boiler
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CurioCity Electric Egg Boiler

This little and minimal egg cooker is straightforward with, a simple to utilize component. It has the limit of cooking 7 eggs at a solitary go and is ideal for a medium-sized family. Simply add the necessary amount of water utilizing the estimating cup to get the surface of the egg that you like. When the water in the skillet evaporates, this machine consequently quits working.

To get delicate bubbled eggs, keep this unit working for 3 to 4 minutes. On the off chance that you need medium consistency, a decent 6 to 7 minutes will do. You can get hard-bubbled eggs in around 10 minutes with this cooker.

The external body of this heater is made of plastic, while the internal plate is tempered steel. Its straightforward top permits you to take a gander at the eggs while cooking. We would encourage you to utilize consumable water to expand the life span of this egg cooker.

This cooker is truly reasonable and can cook eggs utilizing sticks 25 ml of water. Yet, you should take note of that the shade of the cooker may contrast from that appeared in the image. Nonetheless, all different details will stay unblemished. There are two significant advantages of utilizing this egg evaporator. One, you can utilize it to steam different things as well, for instance, dumplings, veggies, and so on Furthermore, the second being, its twofold warm assurance component, shields it from harm if there should arise an occurrence of over-warming.

To bubble eggs in this egg cooker, cautiously measure the water and empty it into the skillet. Punch holes in the eggs utilizing the egg pin that joins the fundamental unit. At that point set the eggs on the plate. Switch on the force button, and your eggs will be cooked flawlessly in practically no time.

It utilizes 350 watts to cook the most delicious and completely bubbled eggs. Notwithstanding, one drawback of this heater is that it doesn’t have any assembling guarantee. In the event that you approve of its absence of guarantee, you can absolutely go for this moderate and simple to utilize egg cooker.


  • Affordable
  • Attractive design
  • Double thermal protection
  • Multi-functionality
  • One-touch mechanism


  • Build quality could be better
  • Does not have a warranty

(7). Saysha Electric Egg Boiler

Saysha Electric Egg Boiler
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Saysha Electric Egg Boiler

Saysha is definitely not a mainstream brand in India. The components that make us place this egg cooker on this rundown are its engaging plan, one-contact work, and conservative estimating.

In the event that you are looking for a reasonable and simple choice for cooking eggs on occupied mornings, it is ideal for you. It can cook 7 eggs all at once. Notwithstanding, you can likewise cook quite a few eggs lesser than 7 utilizing this heater.

To bubble eggs, placed the eggs in the placeholder, pour water and switch on the apparatus in the wake of shutting the cover. Inside 6 minutes, bubbled eggs will be prepared. This cooker guarantees wellbeing as it closes down naturally if there is no water left in it.

To ensure that the eggs don’t break while being bubbled, punch little holes on top of them prior to cooking them. This egg cooker comes in various shadings and is principally made of plastic.

This cooker is multifunctional, and separated from cooking eggs, you can likewise steam other food in it, or use it to re-heat different things.


  • Budget pricing
  • Appealing design
  • Multifunctional
  • Can cook 7 eggs at the same time
  • Fast cooking under 6 minutes


  • The brand is not popular in India
  • Plastic quality is not up to the mark to settle with it

(8). Arzet Electric Egg Boiler

Arzet Electric Egg Boiler
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Arzet Electric Egg Boiler

The Arzet egg boiler possesses all the necessary qualities in the event that you are searching for something conservative and easy to use. It has a limit of cooking 7 eggs at a solitary go. This cooker is appropriate for each and every individual who can’t bear the cost of an opportunity to stand and screen preparing breakfast inferable from time crunch.

It has a straightforward instrument with only one force button. For cooking bubbled eggs in this cooker, you should pour an adequate measure of drinking water into the dish first. Then spot the eggs in the spaces, put the top and force it on. Do make a little opening on every one of the eggs before you cook them.

It accompanies a pointer that hums when the eggs are cooked. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need half-bubbled eggs, you should do some mystery and turn the force off before the marker hums.

This gadget utilizes 350 watts for bubbling eggs. It is lightweight and convenient so you can have cooked eggs or bubbled veggies in a hurry.

It doesn’t have an auto-turn off element, thus, you should be cautious. Continuously try to kill the egg cooker when the marker blares.

This egg heater doesn’t accompany any guarantee. Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t care for the item, you can restore it inside 15 days from the date of procurement in the event that you purchase on the web.


  • Light in weight
  • Economic price range
  • Can cook 7 eggs at the same time
  • Easy 15 days return on online order
  • Can boil veggies


  • Not from a particular reputed brand
  • Lacks auto shut off feature
  • No warranty
  • Build quality can be better

(9). Inalsa Electric Egg Boiler [Best Egg Boiler In India]

Inalsa Electric Egg Boiler
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Inalsa Electric Egg Boiler

Inalsa is an Indian organization joined forces with a swedish gathering called Taurus and is committed to making quality home machines since 1985. The Inalsa Oggi Egg Evaporator resembles it’s straight out of a sci-fi film and works marvels also.

Ideal for little families and single men the same, the Inalsa Oggi egg heater can bubble upto 7 eggs in pretty much 8 minutes. Furthermore, its upscale plan will without a doubt add an incredible style articulation to your kitchen.

All you would have to do is utilize the estimating cup to gauge the necessary water to be poured (The cup has an estimating scale inside). Empty the water into the holder. Spot the eggs in their place holders, close the top and turn it on. The gadget consequently closes down when the eggs are cooked.

The egg plate and the aluminum and treated steel top are anything but difficult to eliminate and clean consequently have no problems. In any case, be cautious while taking care of the steel top after the bubbling of eggs. You may consume your fingers all the while. The estimating cup even accompanies brief pin to its base which is useful in breaking the egg after it is bubbled. On the off chance that you need hard bubbled eggs, punch a tiny hole on top of the egg prior to bubbling utilizing the pin from the estimating cup.

Inalsa’s Oggi egg evaporator burns-through around 360 watts of intensity in general subsequently it doesn’t burn-through quite a bit of your power bill. There is anyway a little issue with this heater. Now and again, even after the heater shows that the eggs are cooked, they come out semi bubbled. On the off chance that you have any such imperfections, you can without much of a stretch case for a supplanting as the item accompanies 1 year guarantee.


  • Robust design
  • 7 eggs in one go
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Easily cleanable tray
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Sometimes the eggs turn up uncooked

(10). Getko Electric Egg Boiler

 Getko Electric Egg Boiler
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Getko Electric Egg Boiler

This specific egg cooker hangs out in our rundown on account of its plan, which takes after a skillet. It is one more prudent machine that gives great performs and has more than one usefulness.

It is made of plastic yet has an internal plate has a non-stick covering which you can use to sear omelets.

The assemble material is acceptable and has the ability to withstand high temperatures. With this evaporator, you don’t have to stress over wellbeing, as it accompanies an auto-shutoff include.

To bubble eggs utilizing this egg cooker, simply add water to the skillet, put the egg-plate on it, prick the eggs with the egg pin and spot it. Simply close the top and trust that the machine will turn itself off to appreciate hot and flavorful bubbled eggs.

To bubble eggs on this cooker, you will require around 7 minutes. It has uniform warming, and the time that you need to sear an omelet is 4 to 5 minutes.

Taking care of this egg heater is the simplest attributable to its plan that accompanies a handle. It additionally accompanies an estimating cup which has a puncturing pin at the base to poke a little hole in the shell.

You can undoubtedly utilize, clean, and store this egg cooker. Notwithstanding, the brand doesn’t give any guarantee on this item.


  • Nice Design
  • Easy to use
  • Cooks 7 eggs at the same time
  • Good quality material used
  • Multifunctional


  • No guarantee
  • Lacks brand value
  • Frying option does not function properly
  • Generates less heat

(11). Russell Hobbs Fully Automatic Egg Cooker 

Russell Hobbs Fully Automatic Egg Cooker
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Russell Hobbs Fully Automatic Egg Cooker

As this is a UK based organization, the vast majority of us are curious about this Russell Hobbs organization. But the company is known for its innovative and trusted products in the Indian market. Interestingly, this electric egg evaporator machine has 2 egg poaching skillet with a solitary egg rack.

This single egg rack can hold 6 eggs all at once. It additionally has the 3 bubbling choices to heat up the egg with 3 unique levels in the estimating cup. A transparent lid will give a perforated view on the eggs while boiling.

The smart egg boiler works on total automation, where it turns off automatically right after the boiling process completion. It has the dry run protector that protects the surrounding things/humans from empty pan turns on.


  • Provided with 2 poached cups, 1 boiler rack and a measuring cup
  • 3 modes for boiling eggs
  • The single rack holds 6 eggs
  • Dry boil protector
  • Transparent lid
  • Automatic turn off
  • One-touch button to turn ON/OFF
  • Power wattage is about 300 watts
  • Easy to clean


  • Takes 7-8 minutes to boil
  • Little expensive

How to use egg boiler in India 2021

how to use egg boiler in india

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How do I clean my egg boiler?

I know everyone want to clean and hygienic food. it very boring work or messy but we are tell you how to clean egg boiler in easy way.

How to clean egg boiler at home

Is it good to use egg boiler?

yeah it is safe use egg boiler for boil eggs and it is time saving for you it can boils your egg within 7 to 10 mints.

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