Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen In India 2021

Hello Guys today we are coming with our reviews of the best exhaust fans for kitchen in 2021 for Indian kitchens like as you people that kitchen has multiple appliances to use so that’s why we have already some kitchen’s appliances reviews in our blog, you can also check this out by simply click on the product name over here Best Non-Stick Cookware Set in India Best Kitchen Chimney Under 15000 In 2021 Best Electric Kettle in India 2021- Buying Guide & Reviews Best Refrigerator under 30000 in 2021 Best Vegetable Chopper In India 2021 | Reviews & Buyer Guides Best Egg Boilers in India: 2021 Reviews

So without any further delay let’s start our review, firstly we are going to explain what exhaust fans actually do and how many types of exhaust fans come in the market.

What are the work of exhaust fans for kitchen –

The kitchen exhaust fans are an essential resource that will restore your current circumstance. It can decrease the glow, smoke particles, and smell from indoor air.

Some essential highlights are given underneath for buying the correct fumes fan for your kitchen or bathroom. You can consider these highlights prior to buying the fumes fan.

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How many types of exhaust fans for kitchen –

  • Wall Mounted exhaust fans
  • Kitchen exhaust fans
  • Exterior exhaust fans
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  • Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fans
  • Inline Exhaust fans
  • Exhaust Fans Including Lights

Why we need a exhaust fan in kitchen / bathroom-

  • Removes all moisture from the place
  • Removing the moisture is a main factor of reducing the mildew from the place and it prevent the furniture damage as well human health
  • It helps to fresh the atmosphere
  • By using this ventilation is good for home
  • Reduces humidity

What feature should have in a best exhaust fans for kitchen –

There should have some major factors when we want to buy a best exhaust fans for kitchen and best exhaust fans for bathroom also-

Number of blades / blade material:-

The build quality of blades should have long lived and as well maintenance free it come in two different material like-

  • Metal
  • Plastic

If we are talking about the best kitchen exhaust fans it should have the metal blade in it as they are very easy to clean and low maintenance but the problem with a metal blade is they easily tend to rust and makes noises so, we have to take care of that exhaust fan periodically.

We can also use plastic material exhaust fan but they are very light weight and made for throwing light air but in the kitchen the air has oil and gas particle as well so , we can use plastic blade exhaust fans in bathroom so best exhaust fans for bathroom is plastic made exhaust fans.


The best exhaust fans in kitchen size should have been up to 230mm for small kitchens as well as a large kitchen. Size of exhaust fans decide the air throw quantity from the kitchen and as well power consumption also.

Sound Level:-

Making noises by exhaust fans should be avoided in the best kitchen exhaust fans in 2021, it all depends on the motor of the exhaust fans.

Here are the list of best 12 exhausts fans in India

(1). Havells Ventilair Exhaust Fan:-

best kitchen exhaust fans in 2021
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Havells Ventilair DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan

Havells is an old and confided in brand that has kept on serving its Indian clients with the most extreme regard. They have never let down their clients by conveying useless items. They utilize the most recent innovation to build up their items.

Havells Ventilair DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan is a great item that has jumped up in the Indian market. It has some phenomenal attributes which offer ascent to remarkable execution.

Main Features:-

  • This exhaust fan can be introduced anyplace where you need legitimate ventilation. They can be introduced in your kitchen, restroom, or room.
  • It is produced using a top-notch metal body and cutting edges that help in drawing out all the awful scent from your room and gives you a charming climate in your place.
  • It has three sharp edges that circulate the air consistently inside the room.
  • This exhaust fan burns-through an intensity of 40 Watts which doesn’t expand your capacity bills.
  • It just delivers a sound of 40 to 50 dB which keeps your home quite a lot.
  • The establishment cycle of this fan is extremely simple.
  • The compass distance is 230 mm, and the working pace is 1350 rpm which is fantastic to give an ideal wind current.
  • This exhaust fan has a base conveyance speed of 700 cubic meters for every moment to rapidly eliminate the awful scent from the room.
  • It has a winged creature watch that ensures the fan while running which makes it exceptionally strong.
  • It has a powder-covered metallic completion.


  • Long lasting exhaust fans
  • Exhaust has no extra sound while running
  • Designed for specially metal blade wings


  • Air suction property is not upto the mark
  • Build quality of exhaust body is soft

(2). Crompton Brisk Exhaust Fan:-

best kitchen exhaust fans
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Crompton Brisk Air 200 mm Exhaust Fan

Crompton is an old brand that has dispatched some exceptional items. One of the items from their assortment is Crompton Energetic Air 200 mm Exhaust Fan (White). This item is something you would not lament getting it.

It helps in giving legitimate air flow at your home and keeps you and your family sound and fit. Along these lines, with no further ado get this item before it leaves the racks.

Main features:-

  • This exhaust fan is reasonable to be introduced in your washrooms and kitchens.
  • It is an extremely fast ventilating fan that vents out all the terrible smells from your washroom and kitchen in only a few minutes.
  • The smooth and rich plan of this exhaust fan adds excellence and appeal to your lovely stylistic layout.
  • It is exceptionally light in weight so on the off chance that you need to change the situation of your fan you can undoubtedly do that with no issue or stress.
  • It is additionally rustproof which makes it exceptionally sturdy.
  • It has a plastic body and sharp plastic cutting edges.
  • The speed of the fan is 2730 RPM which is extraordinary to give a great wind stream.
  • The air conveyance of this fan is 460 CU M/Min.
  • It has 2 years guarantee on this item.
  • It burns-through an intensity of 50 Watts.


  • It turns away all the destructive components and keeps the exhaust fan liberated from consumption.
  • It helps in amazing wind stream so that outside air can rapidly stream inside your room.
  • This brand has great client support.
  • It accompanies an inbuilt security barbecue.
  • It doesn’t deliver any commotion.


  • The rear ventilation balances are of low quality and don’t open totally.
  • Fabricated quality doesn’t look strong.

(3). Luminous Exhaust Fan:-

Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen In India 2021
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Luminous Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fan is made out of extraordinary plastic which makes it strong enough just as easy to tidy and keep up. This exhaust fan goes with prosperity assurance and will thus stop after action.

The essential arrangement and capable convenience of this item certifications to dispose of all of the fragrances and exhaust is depleted out of the room quickly. The sharp edge and upscale arrangement make it easy to blend in the internal parts of any kitchen room.

Rather than the primary item, the maker of this item is giving a multi-year guarantee. The item is definitely not hard to utilize and needn’t mess with the expert for the same.


  • Extraordinary fan with satisfactory exhausts limit
  • Easy to utilize and work
  • Fits properly
  • Racket free
  • The smooth and present-day plan
  • Incredible quality plastic material
  • The motivating force for money


  • Fan speed sometimes goes low mode

(4). Usha Crisp Air Exhaust Fan:-

Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen In India 2021
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Usha Crisp Air Exhaust Fan

Usha has been one of the most believed brands in the electrical machines utilized in our home, and it has guaranteed the clients the most interesting and extraordinary items without fail. One such item that has been one of the new augmentations in the market in the scope of exhaust fans is the Usha Fresh Air 200mm Exhaust Fan.

It accompanies a 1-year guarantee on the item which causes it to get supplanted if there should arise an occurrence of any assembling absconds. The force utilization is low, and it ends up being a proficient alternative for your restrooms just as kitchens.

Main Features:-

  • The thin, smooth, and beautiful plan adds class and polish to your home.
  • The cutting edges and body of this exhaust fan are comprised of rust-confirmation materials to keep the item from getting harmed with time.
  • The specialized highlights of this item incorporate 40 watts power utilization working at a voltage of 230 volts, RPM:1250. The range created by the fan is 200 mm.
  • Weighs 1.87 Kg.


  • Goes with modified screen
  • A smooth and stylish arrangement
  • Rust-proof body and sharp cutting edges
  • Very dormancy
  • Lightweighted product exhaust fan
  • Goes with a 1-year guarantee
  • Eats up 40 volts of power


  • The exhaust fan runs at a lower rpm rate
  • Doesn’t go with a fitting

(5). ORPAT Ventilation Fan:-

Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen In India 2021
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ORPAT Ventilation Fan

Orpat ventilation fans are a sensational item to lay your hands on. This brand is very notable and most trusted in ones on the lookout. If you are proposing to purchase an item that is good for keeping up new conditions in your kitchen then this is a significant idea.

The inner circuit protection of this exhaust fan is significantly solid. It goes with inbuilt prosperity wellbeing flame broils. It is definitely not hard to utilize and work as well. It is even suitable for mounting on a glass window – which is a back component and not available in a huge segment of the items open on the lookout.


  • First rate plastic
  • Easy to tidy and keep up
  • Rust-proof body and sharp cutting edges
  • Significantly strong
  • Higher breeze stream
  • Best 6 cutting edge plan
  • We can alse mount it on the glass window
  • Rust check body


  • The exhaust fan runs with some noise sometimes

(6). Sameer 250mm Ventilation Fan:-

Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen In India 2021
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Sameer 250mm Ventilation Fan

This Ventilation Fan from Sameer is versatile and incomprehensibly modest on the off chance that you are intending to spend on something which goes under your exhaust fan which comes in 2 remarkable sizes of 150 mm and 250 mm.

Outstandingly quiet inertia, the Sameer ventilation fan, as referred to has 2 sizes to investigate. For little property holders and people with an almost little kitchen, the 150 mm fan is a sensible fit. For families with a fairly greater kitchen, a 250 mm fan would give off an impression of being pleasant. Also, the 250 mm variety is fitting for little diner kitchens with consistent activity.

Beside using it to drive away scents from the kitchen, this fan is significantly helpful in shedding washroom aromas, minute air particles, smoke, and extraordinary clamminess also.

While those are the splendid pieces of this fan, it needs speed to change. With no regulatory flipping, there is a probability for a few, individual dispatched pieces may have low-speed idleness. To keep an essential separation from this, watch the movement for several days before the appearance window closes for better results.

Assessed at an incredibly reasonable rate, this fan can deal with its instrument movement, irrelevant in structure, or more all, extraordinarily strong. Sameer even outfits you with a 2-year creator’s guarantee for any item manufacturing deformations or glitches.


  • Capable for kitchen and bathroom
  • Open in 150mm and 250mm plans
  • Durable body
  • Immaterial arrangement
  • 2 years maker’s guarantee


  • The exhaust fan runs at a lower rpm rate

(7). Panasonic Ventilation Fan:-

Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen In India 2021
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Panasonic Ventilation Fan

Panasonic is a notable brand with regards to kitchen and washroom machines. They have arisen as a preeminent brand in India for their excellent items. This brand has never let down its clients and has been offering items that are incredible in presentation.

Panasonic FV-15EGS1 130mm Ventilation Fan (White) is the best exhaust fan you can purchase. It has countless highlights that would help in keeping up the correct equilibrium of air at your home; This is the reason it has the right to be on the top rundown. Get back this stunning item and remain sound.

Main Feature:-

  • It utilizes the streamlined rule to give its sharp edges another plan that limits any impediment against the wind current.
  • It has another HP superior condenser engine and bearing that represents more fantastic toughness.
  • It diminishes the force utilization to 13% which makes it profoundly energy effective.
  • It is extremely simple to introduce.
  • It comes with – years guarantee on the fan.
  • It burns-through an intensity of 6.6 Watts as it were.
  • It has a fiery surge shade which impedes the external breeze and water from coming inside.
  • It works at 220-240 Volts electricity.


  • It has a conservative and up-to-date plan.
  • It is designed with the most recent innovation.
  • It is outfitted with a slanted Water Channel conduit plan which ensures against any clamminess in dividers.
  • It is exceptionally strong


  • The exhaust fan comes with quite expensive price

(8). Maa-Ku Air Exhaust Fan:-

Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen In India 2021
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Maa-Ku Air Exhaust Fan

In case you are looking for sensible kitchen exhaust fans, by then this should be your choice. This is a good and amazing exhaust fan that ensures imminent execution.

The disintegration less body of the exhaust fan is created utilizing first-class metal which makes it strong and reliable. This exhaust fan goes with 5 exceptionally organized sharp edges that assurance better air movement diverged from other exhaust fans.

The exhaust fan is delivered utilizing quality aluminum kick the container cast material which makes it staggeringly solid and easy to keep up. The high-capability motor of the fan gives a splendid presentation while exhausting immaterial force. This exhaust fan goes with a 1-year replacement guarantee.


  • Amazing aluminum kick the pail cast material used
  • Simple to utilize and keep up
  • Decreased and brilliant arrangement
  • Particularly solid
  • Rustproof
  • Quick ventilating fan


  • The exhaust fan comes without safety grill

(9). Bajaj maxima exhaust fan:-

Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen In India 2021
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Bajaj Maxima Exhaust Fan

Bajaj is additionally another family brand in India that is known for its quality items. The brand has a ton of significant worth in Indian business sectors and it additionally makes items inside the conservative value range. Bajaj maxima exhaust fan is an ideal one for the kitchen and washroom as it has 5 edges and without rust plastic development.

You can even mount this exhaust fan on the glass window or other such materials with no issue. The plastic utilized here is of acceptable quality also so toughness is sure. The rear likewise has programmed monitors that flip open when you turn on the exhaust fan and afterward flip back to shut a position once you turn off the exhaust fan.

Main Features:-

  • Accessible in compasses of 150 mm 200 mm and 300 mm
  • This exhaust fan has a force rating of 24 watts with an air conveyance of 270 Cu M/h
  • Can be introduced on the glass window and different sorts of material.
  • Accompanies programmed monitors that ensure fowls and which additionally prevents dust from getting in the room.


  • This exhaust fan comes with one year warranty
  • Compact and portable exhaust fan which we can assemble anywhere
  • This available in different different capacities in this segment


  • The exhaust fan has no dislikes till now

(10). STARVIN Ashoka Iron Fresh Air Exhaust Fan:-

Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen In India 2021
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STARVIN Hotline Ashoka Iron Fresh Air Exhaust Fan

We have a conventional looking exhaust fan from Starvin. This fan has an iron body and thus it is a substantial structure. This exhaust fan can be mounted to the divider with assistance of the screws. The fan has a low clamor so it doesn’t meddle with the day by day tasks.

The fan is fabricated in India and there are no quality issues also. You can feel free to look at this fan and we are certain that you won’t confront any issue with the quality here. The fan likewise has a security network on the outside which shields the flying creatures from getting in when the fan isn’t being used. This is surely a suggested item in the event that you are searching for something that is made of metal.

Main Features:-

  • Comes with irony body which means it is very sturdy product
  • And comes with copper winding and the fan size is 12 inches
  • Exhaust fan speed is around 2500 RPM
  • This exhaust has a breadth of 300 mm and it includes a 3 edge plan


  • This exhaust fan can be used in kitchen, bathroom, offices and stores also
  • Body of this exhaust fan is very strong and durable
  • Copper winding has its own plus point and because it is very efficient


  • The exhaust fan has no warranty info

(11). Candes Exhaust Fan:-

Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen In India 2021
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Candes Exhaust fan

Candes 150mm Exhaust Fan(Ivory) is extraordinary compared to other exhaust fans that would flush out all the terrible smell. This exhaust fan has some exceptional highlights which make it deserving of being a main 10 rundown.

It isn’t intensely estimated like different fans yet works in any case. It is strong and has a decent appearance, which adds excellence to your kitchen and washroom.


  • This exhaust fan speed is excellent
  • Does not make noise during winding
  • Can be used in kitchen and bathroom as well
  • Cleaning procedure is very easy


  • The exhaust fan airflow is less than other exhaust fans

(12). Olympus OAF-6 Exhaust fan:-

Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen In India 2021
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Olympus OAF-6 Exhaust fan

The keep going item on our rundown is from Olympus and this is one more moderate item on our rundown. On the off chance that you are searching for something that can without much of a stretch be introduced inside your kitchen, washroom, or even in your rooms then you can feel free to put your trust in this exhaust fan from Olympus.

One thing that we love about this fan is that it has a 20-watt engine which implies it is likewise very force proficient. The complete breadth of this exhaust fan is 150 mm which is acceptable according to the norms and the 3 edge development is a significant effective plan. There is likewise a gatekeeper role in the inside of the fan to keep the feathered creatures from going into the house and in general, the plan is very good. You can even introduce the fan in your office territory.


  • This exhaust fan has effordable price and quality
  • Motor has one year warranty on this exhaust fan
  • Build with high grade plastic
  • Electricity efficient product


  • The exhaust fan quality is good but some people’s review on this product is not good


While that was our overview if you feel that we have left behind anything, if you have any inquiry concerning kitchen exhaust fans or any fans most definitely, don’t spare a moment to stay in contact with us in the remarks zone under.

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Hello, guys, we are Aakash & Manish and we are Reboarnteam, we are engineer by profession and we are working in different-different fields but for you guys we come here with our reviews and try to find your suitable product with specifications for you, we just want your support Peace ✌

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