Top 11 Best Water Purifier In India (Updated 2022) – Reviews & Comparison

Hello, guys today we are coming with an exciting review on the Best Water Purifier in India product for the kitchen appliance category. As you know there are lots of products which we use in our kitchen like electric kettle, refrigerator, vegetable chopper, dishwashers, Dosa Tawa, Best Microwave Oven, Best Gas Stoves Under 5000, 10 Best Dishwasher In India 2022 and also egg boiler so, we already have these reviews in our website you can check and go with our reviews. right now in this review, we are giving you reviews for Top Water Purifiers In India as we including Top 11 Water Purifiers in India which will not bother your budget, so without any further delay let’s get started to Best RO In India.

Water Purifiers are a fundamental product for each Indian family. As indicated by Service of Drinking Water and Sterilization, Govt. of India, right around 37 million individuals and 1.5 million kids in India are as often as possible endured with illnesses related with polluted water. Involving your wellbeing, it is essential to pick the correct one. A portion of the significant contemplations are referenced beneath.

Best Water Purifier In India

ROTypeCapacityWarrantyCheckout Link
KENT Grand Water PurifierRO + UV+ UF + TDS8 liters1 YearCheck Price
Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart PlusRO+UV+MTDS6 liters1 YearCheck Price
Ruby Water PurifierRO+UV+TDS12 liters1 YearCheck Price
Blue Star Aristo Water PurifierRO+UV7 liters1 YearCheck Price
Konvio Neer Amrit Water purifierRO + UV + UF + TDS150 liters/day1 YearCheck Price
Livpure Glo Water PurifierRO+UV+ Mineralizer12 liters/hour1 YearCheck Price
Havells Max Water PurifierRO+UV7 liters1 YearCheck Price
R.K Aquafresh Adjuster Water PurifierRO+UV+UF+TDS15 liters1 YearCheck Price
HUL Pureit Advanced Water PurifierRO+MF5 liters1 YearCheck Price
AO Smith Z8 Water PurifierRO+Mineralizer10 liters1 YearCheck Price
Prestige Non-Electric Acrylic Water PurifierRO18 liters1 YearCheck Price

Best Water Purifier In India

Top 11 Best Water Purifier In India

1. KENT Water Purifier :- [Best Water Purifier In India]

KENT is quite possibly the most trusted and biggest selling RO water purifier brands in India. The KENT Amazing 8-liters Divider Mountable RO water purifier’s straightforward plan flaunts the brand’s licensed Mineral RO innovation, and it accompanies an inbuilt TDS controller. This specific product is most appropriate for Indian families and workplaces. This specific model is amazingly viable with regards to the purging of faucet water and metropolitan company water supply.

Regarding structure and appearance, this specific water purifier is an exquisite divider mounted one. Furthermore, all things considered, the specific purifier brings right into it a cutting edge framework to guarantee the stockpile of totally spotless and safe drinking water. The inbuilt TDS controller of the KENT Fantastic aides in holding the basic regular minerals inside the cleansed water.

This specific purifier likewise accompanies a twofold sanitization innovation that considers RO+UV/UF for eliminating any measures of broke down pollutants, including unforgiving synthetic compounds, infections, microscopic organisms, and salt, which thus, assists with making water ok for utilization.

It is a given that after a specific period, most water purifiers begin losing their ability. In such manner, KENT guarantees that their clients appreciate a true serenity. Accordingly, they have brought right into it in excess of 1500 help places all over the nation. Connecting with true specialists is simpler than at any other time. This product accompanies a 1-Year Guarantee, and that is not all, as it likewise permits you to get hold of a 3-Year No Charge Administration period.

Specifications :

  • Purification technology: RO+UV+UF+TDS
  • Storage capacity (in liters): 8 liters
  • Purification capacity (in liter per hour): 15 liters/hour
  • UV lamp (in watts): 11 watts
  • Maximum duty cycle: 75 liters/day
  • Dimension (mm): 400 (L) x 250 (W) x 520 (H)

Best features :-

  • 8-Liters Tank: Such a limit guarantees that you can generally get a glass loaded with clean water at whatever point you get back tired.
  • Low Force Utilization: With a particularly low force utilization of 60W, there’s no more stress over covering high power tabs.
  • Food Evaluation Tank Material: Your water is protected inside the purifier, as it has been affirmed by the food specialists of the nation.

2. Eureka Forbes Smart Plus :-

Eureka Forbes is one of the most seasoned water purifier brands working in India, and in the interim, as the organization claims, in excess of 20 million families around the nation trust the brand. With over 35 years of in general involvement with creating predominant water filtration innovation, this brand has situated itself as the pioneer in the Indian market. Their products are known to handle the most particular water conditions.

Eureka Forbes, through their AquaSure Savvy In addition to RO+UV+MTDS water purifier, has amalgamated profoundly conservative current plan along with brilliant innovation. This specific product is most appropriate for savvy homes. Their all inclusive innovation treats water from various sources, for example, borewell, taps, and big haulers. Its dependable refinement process accompanies an inbuilt 6-liter stockpiling tank that has been planted utilizing unrivaled craftsmanship that guarantees providing clients with safe drinking water, each day.

Their administration places are found the whole way across the nation, which makes the brand entirely solid, even regarding after-deals administration. The purifier is outfitted with shrewd pointers with various shadings that feature the filtration process, tank filling, low approaching water pressure, no water supply, or some other error. This causes you comprehend the wellbeing of the purifier and call experts at whatever point required.

The specific RO purifier is anything but difficult to introduce, so you may do it without anyone else’s help. The purifier additionally accompanies a brilliant Cartridge Life of 6000 liters, which offers your family yearlong issue free protection measures.

Specifications :

  • Capacity: 6 liters
  • Color: Black
  • Included Components: Installation Kit and User Manual
  • Material: Plastic

Best Features :-

  • Long cartridge Life: With a cartridge life of more than 6000 liters, you don’t need to stress any longer over changing the cartridge sometimes.
  • Ideal Execution: During Voltage Variances, the Keen in addition to innovation protects your purifier from any harm.

3. Ruby Water Purifier :-

Ruby is known for the top quality water cleansing gadgets it brings to the commercial center. The brand has appreciated growing prominence recently, and the credit goes to the first rate innovation that they bring right into it. Without the consideration of their particular water purifier, our extensive rundown wouldn’t have been a finished one.

The Ruby Water Purifier is a standout amongst other quality products you’ll get in this value range. Its moderateness is perhaps the best motivation behind why you should pick this product in front of the others in this rundown. The critical component of this specific RO purifier is the presence of numerous channels.

It comprises of the Pre-Channel, which is viable regarding eliminating rust, earth, and sand particles. Aside from that, there is a 1-Micron channel that successfully eliminates extra rust, soil, and sand particles. Additionally, there is an Initiated Carbon Channel that viably eliminates chlorine and natural synthetics from the water. This specific channel provides an improved decrease of scent, taste, and shading.

At that point, there is an Opposite Assimilation Film that eliminates a few hard water impurities, for example, Copper, Lead, Barium, Mercury, Chromium, Sodium, Magnesium, Fluoride, Calcium, Nitrate, pesticides, and so forth In the long run, the Post Carbon Channel eliminates offensive scent and taste to upgrade your drinking water’s quality.

The channel additionally contains UV innovation that causes the quick demise of microorganisms and wipes them out completely. This channel accompanies a one year guarantee also.

Specification :-

  • Capacity: 12 liters
  • Colour: White & Blue
  • Included Components: 1 Water Purifier
  • Warranty: One year warranty for electrical parts, except the UV Lamp.
  • Item Weight: 9 kg

Best Features :-

  • Gigantic Capacity Limit: The specific channel brags a huge stockpiling limit 12 liters.
  • Pollutants evacuation innovation: The Ruby Water Purifier is furnished with UV innovation that eliminates a wide range of destructive substances from water, including microscopic organisms and infections.

4. Blue Star Water Purifier :-

All things considered, by what method can we exclude Blue Star, when we are discussing the best Ro UV Water purifiers accessible in India? Blue Star has been around for a serious long time, and in the interim, it has picked up the trust of millions of family units, given the nature of the product they provide at a particularly low value range. Their Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 7-Liter Water Purifier likewise qualifies our rules to be considered as perhaps the best product out there.

Aristo is one of those uncommon water purifiers that is furnished with the best in class RO+UF filtration innovation, along with the most wanted Water Taste Sponsor. In such manner, we should expound on what precisely Water Taste Sponsor is. All things considered, it is one of those exceptional advances that help in improving the flavor of water. It is finished by keeping up ideal separating stages.

Aristo accompanies the absolute most exceptionally pursued water purging channels, to be specific, Pre-Channel, Residue Channel, Pre-Carbon Channel, RO Layer, UV Light, and Post-Carbon Channel with ATB. These overabundances of stages guarantee that none of the foreign substances, just as germs, can get by after filtration.

The presence of the twofold layered RO + UV protection guarantees that your drinking water is totally protected and doesn’t compromise your wellbeing. While RO eliminates any disintegrated pollutants, weighty metals, microorganisms, and radioactive issues, UV, then again, purifies microorganisms like infections, microbes, and growths.

Specification :-

  • Capacity: 7 liters
  • Color: Black
  • Included Components: Water purifier
  • Item Weight: 8 kg
  • Material: Plastic

Best Features :-

  • Water Taste Promoter (ATB): Upgrades the flavor of the water and helps in keeping up ideal pH levels, consequently, thus, enhances your water drinking experience.
  • Enormous Limit Channel: The huge 10-inch channel present in this channel guarantees an effective sanitization process, which, thusly, guards your water consistently.
  • Enormous Capacity Tank: The capacity tank in this specific purifier can hold 7 liters of water for sure-fire utilization. Henceforth, you and your family never need to trust that the channel will get filled.

5. Konvio Neer Amrit Water purifier :-

Konvio Neer is a moderately new part in the business, yet shockingly, it has assembled a strong establishment notoriety. The purpose for their fleeting ascent is the nature of products they have introduced to the market, alongside the reasonable value range they offer. Subsequently, we really wanted to incorporate the Konvio Neer Amrit in our complete rundown of the best RO Water purifiers accessible in India.

Konvio Neer Amrit has the ability of purging water contribution of up to 3000 TDS with 80 GPD high stream imported film. The unit accompanies a 1-Year guarantee on its electrical parts. This implies you need not need to stress over the usefulness of this product. The product has a marked UV and Soluble introduced, to guarantee top tier virtue. Amrit additionally accompanies a totally free Pre-channel just as an establishment toolbox.

Konvio Neer Amrit is an upkeep free progressed water purifier that has an inbuilt 6 phase invert assimilation water decontamination framework. This specific element brings about the support of protected and unadulterated drinking water. The specific purifier can decontaminate up to 20 liters of water each hour, and it can likewise store an incredible 8 liters of water, prepared for you to drink.

Specification :-

  • Capacity: 150 liters / day
  • Color: Blue
  • Included Components: Pre-Filter, Installation Kit
  • Material Type: ABS
  • Warranty Description: 1 Year

Best Features :-

  • Huge Capacity Tank: The purifier accompanies a 8-liter stockpiling tank, which implies you never run out of clean water.
  • Gifts accessible: On the acquisition of this product, you likewise get a pre-channel and establishment toolbox, totally liberated from cost.

6. Livpure Glo Water Purifier :-

Livpure is another whiz regarding the water purifier makers in India. Their products have consistently made a gouge on the lookout, as they generally endeavor to improve their contributions by carrying the best innovation to the table. Their in-house group of researchers turns out thoroughly for developing new approaches with regards to water filtration. It wouldn’t have been shrewd had we excluded their Glo on our rundown.

Livpure Glo is very moderate, considering the highlights it offers. This 7-Liter RO + UV + mineralizer water purifier has an enormous stockpiling of 7 liters, notwithstanding being pressed with different highlights for guaranteeing the prepared accessibility of water consistently. Curiously, this specific framework works without power or sufficient water pressure. The product is inserted with a high level filtration framework, which guarantees the stockpile of 100% unadulterated water.

Livpure Glo is additionally rich all things considered, as it has a smooth plan. The product is power-pressed with smooth determinations like full tank pointers. At the point when put at your home, its upscale atmosphere causes the surroundings to seem delightful.

Glo is additionally mainstream and profoundly sought after due to the high level 6 Phase Decontamination Framework it accompanies. The six-stage channel framework incorporates silt channel, RO film, pre-initiated carbon channel, UV sterilization section, mineralizer, and silver-impregnated post carbon channel. This 6-stage framework guarantees the disposal of awful taste, hardness, smell, salts, microbes infections, and other hurtful impurities from water.

Specification :-

  • Purification Technology: RO + UV + Mineralizer
  • Purification Capacity: Up to 12 liters / hour
  • Max. Duty Cycle: Up to 75 liters / day
  • Storage Tank Capacity: 7 Liters (approx.)
  • RO Membrane: 75 GPD (Gallons per day)
  • Sanitization Cartridges: Residue channel, RO film, pre-actuated carbon channel, silver impregnated post carbon channel, UV cleansing section, mineral cartridge
  • UV Disinfection Column: 24 Liters / Hour
  • Min. Inlet Pressure: 0.3 Kg / square centimeter
  • Max. Inlet Pressure: 3 Kg / square centimeter

Best Features:-

  • Client care: Livpure provides 365 days of client care uphold for their clients
  • Enormous Water Stockpiling Limit: Livpure Glo accompanies a water stockpiling limit of 7-liters.

7. Havells RO Water Purifier :-

Havells Max stands separated for its extraordinary plan and accommodation. This convenient RO purifier can be utilized as a tabletop apparatus or can be mounted on the divider. In contrast to different purifiers, Havells Max accompanies an interesting spigot configuration to guarantee zero splashings, zero tainting, and zero harm to the outpouring unit.

Its ground-breaking 7-stage refinement includes special processes to make water protected and scrumptious to drink.

  • Sedimentation: Evacuation of suspended particles, for example, earth, sand, rust, and other actual debasements. This process assumes a significant role in improving the time span of usability of the initiated carbon cartridge and RO film.
  • Enacted carbon filtration: Initiated carbon is known for the expulsion of foul smell, synthetic substances, and broke up natural contaminations, for example, pesticides and herbicides.
  • Switch Assimilation: Hefty metal deposits, for example, mercury, lead, arsenic, and fluorides are eliminated by the RO layer.
  • UV sterilization: The germicidal UV light works at 253.7nm frequency to keep the water liberated from microbial contaminations.
  • Mineralization: The mineral cartridge keeps up the pH equilibrium of the refined water by adding fundamental minerals and salts to it.
  • Taste upgrade: The silver-impregnated taste enhancer eliminates unpredictable natural mixes and improves the flavor of the cleansed water.
  • Renewal: The revitalizer cartridge rebuilds water to make it organically dynamic.

The Havells max purifier works completely in any event, during voltage variances without making any harm to the product. The purifier trips just when the voltage proceeds onward on either side of the scale i.e, 170-330V. The 7-liter water tank is planned with an entrance protection cover that ensures the water put away is liberated from any outer tainting. The tank is removable too for cleaning and upkeep. The product accompanies the basic pointer, for example, cleansing, error, and tank full markers.


  • Compact design
  • Advanced purification features
  • Mineral cartridge
  • Smart indicators
  • Removable tank


  • Tackles water with very low TDS level
  • The mineral filter needs to be changed every six months

8. R.K Aquafresh Adjuster Water Purifier :-

A made in India product that has been picking up prominence in the field of UV water cleansing innovation! R.K. Aquafresh satisfies all the confirmation guidelines and presents this 15-liter RO+UV+UF+TDS water purifier.

The agent innovation helps in eliminating microbial buildups, hints of substantial metals, synthetics, and different debasements.

The appealing and conservative plan of the product makes it an ideal apparatus to fit in a little kitchen. The opposite assimilation process followed by UV purification gives you a protected and clean water to drink. The profoundly working cartridge helps in eliminating silt and disintegrated pollutants. In any case, it should be changed occasionally.

Best features :-

  • RO+UV+UF+TDS purification technology
  • High purification capacity
  • Replaceable cartridge
  • One-year warranty
  • Push-fit design to prevent leakage


  • RO+UV+UF+TDS purification technology
  • High purification capacity
  • Replaceable cartridge
  • One-year warranty
  • Push-fit design to prevent leakage


  • continuously power supply necessary
  • Bad build quality
  • Bad after sales

9. HUL Pureit Water Purifier :-

One of the main progressed water purifiers on the planet, the Hindustan Unilever Pureit water purifier stands separated for its creative plan and progressive highlights. The designing evaluation plastic body of the purifier makes it strong and in vogue. It likewise guarantees that the nature of the sanitized water is kept up and keeps it liberated from defilement. The break-safe tap is a plume to the cap.

The 5-liter tank has a filtration limit of 9-12 liters/hour. With ceaseless water and force supply, the tank is immediately recharged supported by the auto shut-off component to save water from flooding, spillage, and wastage.

The six-stage filtration process decontaminates water from a differed supply source, for example, borewell, faucet water, and big haulers. The processes incorporate pre-sedimentation, pre-RO carbon filtration, post-carbon sedimentation, turn around assimilation, microfiltration, and post-carbon filtration. The RO+UV micro filtration innovation eliminates destructive synthetic compounds and microbial deposits from the water making it better.

Best features :-

  • In vogue and smaller plan
  • 5-liter water tank
  • Six phases RO+UV MF filtration innovation


  • In vogue and stylish plan
  • 5-liter water tank
  • Six phases RO+UV MF filtration innovation
  • Progressed voltage change monitor (165-280V)
  • Push-fit design to prevent leakage
  • One-year guarantee


  • indications are missing

10. AO Smith Water Purifier :-

This cutting edge water purifier is a serious shocker with regards to appearance and execution. The green arrangement purifier decontaminates 100% of the water input and furthermore saves 2x the measure of wastewater produced by other RO purifiers. This is a remarkable characteristic and accordingly it is on our rundown.

The creative eight-venture refinement incorporates a pre-channel, dregs channel, carbon block with Workmanship, licensed side stream invert assimilation, mineralizer channel, and ZX twofold protection double channel. It tends to be noticed that the information water goes through the RO film and twofold protection channel (SCMT) totally.

The enormous stockpiling tank has the limit of holding 10-liters of water on the double. The A.O.Smith green arrangement purifier is reasonable for enormous Indian families and for the individuals who experience incessant force cuts. The silver charged layer innovation (SCMT) shields the water from optional defilement. The mineralizer channel rebuilds the water atoms by adding fundamental minerals to the water making it scrumptious and beneficial to drink.

Best Features :-

  • 8 phase decontamination
  • Huge 10-liter tank
  • Advance recuperation innovation
  • Double twofold protection channels (SCMT+SAPC)
  • Simple admittance to high temp water
  • Night help highlight
  • One-year guarantee

11. Prestige Non-Electric Acrylic Water Purifier :-

With its cutting edge plan, Prestige 2.0 accompanies an all out capacity limit of 18-liters. The completely straightforward form accompanies a simple to get to tap container. The purifier has an appealing plan and is simply non-electric. It professes to eliminate microbes and infections viably and has a limit of 18 liters.

According to our tests, it probably won’t be an entirely reasonable alternative if there is high TDS water. Other than that, being non-electric, it is effective and takes care of business.

The purifier embraces 2 phase cleaning process where the non-woven fabric pre-channel catches suspended buildups in the water. This progression is trailed by Reality filtration where the cartridge eliminates 99.9% of microorganisms, infections, and pimples. This progression likewise helps in eliminating an awful scent and taste.

Best features :-

  • Filtration limit is 8 liters/hour
  • The Reality cartridge works for up to 1500 liters.
  • No power and running water required
  • One year guarantee


  • Affordable / reasonable price
  • Two-stage purification
  • Preety good performance


  • TDS level does not work well

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